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Are you ever visiting somewhere new, looking for some chocolate? Or wondering where you can find that chocolate shop you keep hearing about? This map should help you begin exploring. Many of these companies and institutions offer tours, in-store tastings, classes, and more. We strongly recommend visiting their websites and/or contacting them to learn more before visiting. To view this data in searchable and sortable spreadsheet format, scroll down below the map.

Map key:

  • Blue markers = chocolate producers, of which there are multiple types: 1) chocolate makers (usually refers to those companies that produce chocolate in small batches from fermented and dried specialty cacao); 2) chocolate manufacturers (usually refers to those large companies that produce a range of specialty chocolate from specialty cacao); and 3) co-producers of chocolate for third parties. Note that definitions of these types of companies have yet to be standardized by industry members. Our primary goal is to record the names of those companies that engage in the purchasing of cacao based on quality premiums. We rely on academic definitions of specialty cacao and chocolate as detailed in this blog post.

  • Green markers = chocolatiers working with chocolate from companies such as those indicated by blue markers.

  • Purple markers = retailers with collections of at least five fine chocolate brands or more.

  • Yellow markers = research institutions currently engaged in the study of cacao and chocolate.

  • Orange markers = cacao producers and/or distributors of cacao receiving quality premiums.

  • Brown and white flower markers = botanical gardens or parks with cacao tree(s).

Click on the markers, drag the map, zoom for closeup, or search in an area of interest to you.

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