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LACE/ACE Fellowship program

Latin American Cultural Exchange Fellowship (LACE) 

African Cultural Exchanged Fellowship (ACE) 

Asian Cultural Exchange Fellowship (ACE) 


In 2019, FCCI launched the LACE/ACE program intended to develop original research and public scholarship on cacao-chocolate traditions from cacao producing regions. As an organization focused on research, education, and community building, FCCI opens its doors to an emerging thinker, academic, or industry professional to work with our team in the following areas: 


  • Conduct original research 

  • Publish written and multimedia work for a broad audience 

  • Produce bilingual content, in English and in their home language

  • Liaise between home country and international stakeholders  

  • Strengthen relationships between FCCI, our global partners, and their home country organizations of interest 

  • Engage in public scholarship and education on their chosen topic 

  • Co-participate in ongoing FCCI programming such as academic and industry conferences, international chocolate festivals, professional trainings, and more


For a period of 12 to 18 months, the LACE/ACE Fellow develops a platform for the study and promotion of their heritage and knowledge through the strategies above, receiving regular mentorship and guidance from our team of FCCI Senior Advisors. In collaboration with the FCCI research, education, and community building mission, the Fellow interacts and presents within in New England, North American, and international forums. 


The next application and selection process will be announced via our newsletter and on social media when the LACE/ACE Fellowship is vacant. BIPOC, women and gender nonconforming, and LGBTQ individuals are especially encouraged to apply.

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Past fellows: 


Sofia Colmenares 

Latin American Cultural Exchange Fellow-Colombia (2021-2022)


José López Ganem

Latin American Cultural Exchange Fellow-México


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