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FCCI regularly advises on research for partner organizations such as USDA, IESC, SICACAO, FCIA, and others. Find some examples of this research below.

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Two comprehensive new reports were released in December 2021: 

  1. Global Cocoa Market Study; and

  2. Dominican Republic Cocoa Supply Case Study

These two studies, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and conducted by Gaia Cacao, are part of a project coordinated by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) with advice of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCCI).


In a collaborative process, the reports were designed with the advice of dozens of experts, and compile analysis of 400 publications, interviews with over 100 industry stakeholders, and data from original focus groups, roundtables, and producer surveys. This extensive theoretical and practical research confirms some of what is already known, while also offering important new revelations. The reports will support future sustainable cocoa market access, implementation, education, and investigation.

Building upon years of informal collaboration, this year our FCCI research team spent several months working formally with the Uncommon Cacao team and partners to collect, analyze, and verify data, then co-author and publish their 2021 Transparency Report (their 10th annual contribution to transparency in cacao trading!). The 50-page report covers key performance indicators and highlights from Uncommon Cacao's 2021 trading year, and represents the only publication from an international cacao trader that openly reveals what cacao producers are actually paid when they sell their cacao into the Uncommon Cacao network for all to see.

For further information and commentary about the details of this report, feel free to reach out by email to the Uncommon Cacao team at

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