• January 2016, in San Francisco, California; supporting partner: Impact Hub San Francisco

  • July 2016, in Lima, Peru; supporting partner: Equal Exchange/TCHO USAID Cooperative Development Program

  • July 2016, in Ilhéus, Brazil; supporting partner: Festival Internacional do Chocolate e Cacau

  • June 2017, in New York, New York; supporting partner: Institute of Culinary Education

  • October 2017, in Paris, France; supporting partner: Chocolat Chapon

  • January 2018, in San Francisco, California; supporting partner: The Farm

  • May 2018, in Bogotá, Colombia; supporting partner: Gran Colombia Trading, Ltda

  • July 2018, in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti; supporting partner: Catholic Relief Services

  • August 2018, in Tokyo, Japan; supporting partner: Visionary Arts

  • August 2018, in Manila, Philippines; supporting partner: SGS Philippines

  • November 2018, in Seattle, Washington; supporting partner: Stumptown Coffee

  • November 2018, in Comalcalco, Tabasco; supporting partner: CONABIO

  • November 2018, in Tapachula, Chiapas; supporting partner: CONABIO

  • December 2018, in Managua, Nicaragua; supporting partner: Catholic Relief Services

  • January 2019, in São Paulo, Brazil; supporting partner: Dengo Chocolates

  • February 2019, in Amsterdam, Netherlands; supporting partner: Chocoa

  • March 2019, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; supporting partner: International Executive Services Corps and United States Department of Agriculture Programa Exporta Calidad

  • April 2019, in Quito, Ecuador; supporting partner: Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Conexión Chocolate

  • November 2019, in Tokyo, Japan; supporting partners: Visionary Arts and green bean to bar. 

  • December, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand; supporting partners: Kasetsart University and Bluekoff. 

  • March, 2020, in San Francisco, California, USA; supporting partner: Dandelion Chocolate. 

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