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The event: Examining Brazil’s Cocoa-Chocolate Supply Chain

Part 3 of a multi-part blog series. Part 1 is available herePart 2 is available here. Updated links to additional posts will be added here as they become available.

On Wednesday, April 24th, we hosted a film screening and discussion with a delegation of Brazilian guests as part of the class our Executive Director teaches at Harvard University, “Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food.” The event was attended by scholars and students from several Boston-area universities, Brazilian community members, and representatives of NGOs and businesses.

The speakers at the event were, in order of appearance:

  1. Carla D. Martin, PhD, Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute and Harvard University

  2. Poliana Dallabrida, Papel Social

  3. Patrícia de Mello Sanfelice, Brazil’s Labor Prosecutor’s Office

  4. Maria Claudia Falcão, International Labor Organization

  5. Marques Casara, Papel Social

Thanks to the generous contributions of several cacao-chocolate companies, we also included a tasting and discussion of products made with supply chain transparency. These included:

  1. Fazenda Panorama – Gutzeit Chocolates

  2. Vale Potumuju – Baianí Chocolates

  3. Mission Chocolate

  4. Luisa Abram Chocolates

  5. Other examples of chocolates made by members of the Associação Bean to Bar Brasil

Many of these chocolates are available to purchase in the United States via the following suppliers: Caputo’sChocolopolis, The Meadow.

Event video

View the full event (in English) below in three parts. Part 1 includes presentations from Carla D. Martin and Poliana Dallabrida. Part 2 is the Papel Social documentary The Cocoa Route. Part 3 includes a group discussion and question and answer period with the full Brazilian delegation.

Part 1: presentations from Carla D. Martin and Poliana Dallabrida

Part 2: Papel Social documentary The Cocoa Route

Part 3: group discussion and question and answer period

Please stay tuned for more posts to come on this topic.

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