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2020-06-11  BYU Radio: Chocolate & Vanilla

2020-06-11  ConfectioneryNews: #StayHomeWithChocolate launches second global digital event

2020-05-20  So Good.. Magazine: Delivery and social networks, the great allies in times of coronavirus

2020-05-18  KCUR 89.3: These Historic Kansas Businesses Survived The Great Depression And World Wars, But COVID-19 Is Testing Their Resilience

2020-04-23  Food Dive: Coronavirus spread to West African countries could hurt cocoa output

2020-04-20  CBI (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs): The bittersweet impact of COVID-19 on the cocoa and chocolate market

2020-04-13  Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine: Chocolate and COVID-19: We Fight On

2020-03-27  Chocolate Journal: “Stay home with chocolate” now being held in the United States due to the spread of new coronavirus infection

2020-03-26  Bar Talks: Stay At Home With Chocolate Festival – Get Involved!

2020-03-25  Forbes: A Virtual Global Chocolate Festival Highlighting Craft Makers Is Going On Right Now

2020-03-25  Virtual global chocolate festival #StayHomeWithChocolate launched to help small businesses

2020-03-24  Yahoo! Finance: #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival launched to inspire consumers, support businesses

2020-03-24  La Tercera Finde: Stay Home With Chocolate, el festival virtual con recorridos, catas y clases de chocolate

2020-02-10  The Colorado Sun: A Fort Collins chocolate maker has the world’s largest selection of single-origin bars, but that’s not its purpose


2019-12-21  The Wall Street Journal: Chocolate: A 26-Point Primer [pdf]

2019-11-11 Molinillos Mexicanos Llegan a las Universidades de Harvard y el MIT de Massachusetts en EEUU

2019-10-08  Probosque: Arteollin Alonso

2019-09-27 These New England Fall Food Festivals are Serving Cider, Clam Chowder, and Plenty of Oysters

2019-09-11  Dandelion Chocolate: The 2017-2018 Sourcing Report is Ready

2019-07-31  Wine Spectator: Conscientious Consumption [pdf]

2019-06-28  ECO lo GIAs: A Nestlé e a Sistemática Exploração do Trabalho Infantil nos Campos de Cacau

2019-06-10  Axios: 1 Big Thing: The No-Name Chocolate Maestros

2019-04-25  Teleamazonas: Quito Albergará El Primer Encuentro Internacional Sobre el Cacao y Chocolate

2019-02-14  Crain’s Detroit Business: Mindo Chocolate Makers Grows, with Reach from Dexter to Ecuador

2019-02-12  Science Friday: The Origin Of The Word ‘Chocolate’

2019-02-09 (The Times Herald-Record): Sweet Tooth of Success: Consumers’ Tastes Expanding to Craft Chocolate

2019-02-02  Chocoa: FCCI Cacao Grader Intensive Course During Chocoa 2019


2018-10-31  Estadão: Para Professora de Harvard, Cacau só Melhora se Produtor for Educado

2018-10-28  Global Food, Health, and Society: From Bean to Bar: A History of Chocolate Production

2018-10-14  Boston College The Heights: New England Chocolate Festival Connects Cacao Producers with Consumers

2018-10-11  The Improper Bostonian: Sweet Talking: You Won’t Need a Golden Ticket to Attend the Inaugural New England Chocolate Festival

2018-10-11  NBC Boston 10: 25+ Fun Things to Do This Weekend in and Around Boston

2018-10-10  Wine (Wine Business Magazine): Master of Wine, Liz Thach, to Speak at Harvard on Wine & Chocolate Connection

2018-10-09  Exhale Lifestyle: Chocolate and Book Festivals, a Racy Plant Lecture, Cocktails in a Luxe Jungle Setting, Kids’ Flamenco Dancing, and More

2018-10-04  BU Today: The Weekender

2018-10-01  I Don’t Do Clubs: 20 Events Every Black Bostonian Should Attend this October

2018-09-27  The Boston Globe: Bar Lyon Opens in the South End and Flour Blooms in the Seaport

2018-07-30  Daily Coffee News (Roast Magazine): SCA’s Sensory Forum is Coming to Seoul

2018-07-19  Global Coffee Report: Registration Open for SCA Sensory Forum

2018-06-29  CulEpi: Clearing Up the Confusion in Labeling Chocolate

2018-06-13  Specialty Coffee Association 25 Magazine: An Obsession with Scale

2018-06-13  The Detroit News: Breaking news: Chocolate is Good

2018-04-11  Coffee & Cocoa International: Fine Cocoa Production Figures Hard to Come by and Not Reliable

2018-03-21  Candy Industry: Seeking ‘Better’ Chocolate: Harvard Professor Carla Martin Pushes for Consumers to Buy Socially-Conscious Chocolate

2018-03-20 This Harvard Chocolate Scholar Wants you to Eat Better Chocolate

2018-01-19  Sprudge: Royal Coffee Is Hosting A Cacao + Coffee Roasting Summit But You Can’t Go


2017-12-14  Perfect Daily Grind: The Differences Between Q-Grading & Cacao Evaluation

2017-12-13  Perfect Daily Grind: Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: What Does This Label Really Mean?

2017-09-14  The Harvard Crimson: 15 Professors of the Year 2017

2017-07-17  Campus Uruçuca: Campus Uruçuca Recebe Amostras de Cacau Para Pesquisa

2017-07-14  Dandelion Chocolate: Getting Good Grades for Cacao

2017-06-24  Fine Chocolate Industry Association: Carla Martin is the 2017 Recipient of FCIA’s Outstanding Service to the Industry Award

2017-06-23  Gourmet Retailer: Fine Chocolate Industry Recognizes Excellence

2017-06-21  Perfect Daily Grind: How to Evaluate Cacao & Chocolate

2017-04-21  The Slow Melt Podcast Episode 7: The Craft of Chocolate

2017-04-19  The Cocoa Rising: Cacao Grader Course Coming to NYC

2017-03-01  Gastropod: We Heart Chocolate

2017-02-14  Harvard Extension School: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Chocolate

2017-02-08  The Washington Post: What Separates ‘Craft’ from Industrial Chocolate? It’s About Diversity


2016-12-06  Los Angeles Magazine: The Rise of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making in L.A.

2016-09-06  Boston Magazine: Snack Attack: Gâté Comme Des Filles Bonbons

2016-06-22  The Chocolate Clinic: Chocolate Educator Carla Martin

2016-06-20  Alô Alô Bahia: Professora de Harvard Vai Ministrar Curso em Ilhéus. Aos Detalhes, Vem!

2016-05-27  Opposites Extract Podcast by Café Imports: Episode 9: Craft vs. Commercial in Coffee and Chocolate with Dr. Carla Martin

2016-03-22. Portafilter Podcast: Craft Chocolate and the New Podcast Team!

2016-02-25  WCVB Chronicle: Chocolate

Segment One: Making Chocolate from Scratch in the Bean to Bar Movement
Segment Two: Bringing Fair Trade to the Chocolate Business
Segment Three: Making Chocolate the Colonial Way
Segment Four: Can a Daily Dose of Dark Chocolate Make You Healthier?

2016-02-05  The Tufts Daily: Dr. Carla Martin Discusses Politics of Chocolate

2016-01-25  Vice News: Slave Labor, the Mast Brothers, and the Looming Crisis of Cheap Chocolate

2016-01-22  ChocoBlog: A Bay Area Long Chocolate Weekend

2016-01-15  ChocoBlog: Dr. Chocolate’s Own News Roundup


2015-12-18   Muchomas Chocolate: What an Amazing Trip!

2015-12-17   Quartz: How the Mast Brothers Fooled the World into Paying $10 a Bar for Crappy Hipster Chocolate

2015-10-10   Red, White & Chocolate: Chocolate Epicenter – Seattle, WA (Part 1)

2015-09-14   Mental Floss: 8 Genius Ideas That Are Changing the Way We Eat (2015 Platypus Awards: Innovations in Taste)

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